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Reliable Wireless Networks for Home and Small Business

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Home Wireless Network Setup Services

If you and your family members would like to be able to use your PCs and wireless devices wherever you like, a wireless network in your house will allow you to do so. You will have access to the web wherever you are in your home, and will be able to see anything that has been shared on the home network.  RescuTechs offers wireless network setup service in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt: the Quad Cities, AZ.

Installation of a home wireless network can be complicated, if you’re the average home PC user. The technology you’re installing is very complicated, as it needs to be able to transfer vast amounts of data through the air. Manufacturers of wireless network hardware have simplified set-up of their products, but lots of people still find the process stressful, as things don’t often connect how they want them to.

RescuTechs have set-up thousands of wireless home networks in the last ten years, and can be counted on to install a quick, reliable, home network.

By using a home network, you can integrate your PCs, smart-phones, tablets and laptops, with ease. We are big fans of home networking! If your household contains more than one PC, and more than one internet user, the chances are, you’d find a home networking service advantageous. Nowadays, installation of a network can be effected in one of two ways. Your network can be wired, or wireless. RescuTechs will visit you in your home, free-of-charge, and advise you on which networking option is best suited to your needs.

Home Networking Services from RescuTechs

  • Choice of a Home Network
  • Installation and Configuration of a Home Network
  • Tablet and Smart-phone Network Integration
  • Troubleshooting for Home Networks
If one computer ceases to find a connection with the other PCs in the house, this can be irritating. It’s particularly irritating when you rely on your network for work purposes. It can feel as though there are gremlins hiding in your PC.

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Printer, Fax and File Networking

There’s little point having a home network, if you can’t select your printer of choice, when you have something to print. We can make certain that all of your gadgets cooperate nicely with one another.

Integration of Your Home Network with Your Entertainment System

RescuTechs will create complete and seamless network integration for your televisions, DVD players, and remote control and surround-sound. We’ll bring a 21st-century smart-house upgrade to your home.
Networking for Apple and Mac Devices - If you’d like your home Apple computers to be networked, we can do this for you. In fact, we can connect any computers you like. RescuTechs can link iMacs with MacBook laptops, and even hook PCs up to interact with Apple devices. If you really like, we can even get a conversation going between your computer and your smart coffee machine. For your free in-home consultation, give us a call.

Apple Networking Services from RescuTechs:

  • MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air Networking
  • iPhone Networking
  • PC Computer and Apple Computer Networking
  • iMac Networking
  • iPad Networking
  • Apple TV Networking
Our specialists can connect any type of computer device. How can you network a Mac and a PC? Let us show you how.

Remote Access Options - It’s now safe to access your PC data, regardless of where you are in the world. Remote access software enables you to tap into your PC from any other computer, or internet device. This offers a great option for business people, and college, or university, students. If ever you leave that all-important document in the office, this solution is designed for you. And we’re all guilty of leaving that document, from time to time! Get in touch, and we will explain all the remote access options available to you.

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Wireless Network Setup for Small Business

Wireless networking is a cost-effective, and scalable, solution for small enterprises. It’s gives your employees a level of flexibility that could, perhaps, see them become more productive.

Nowadays, lots of small businesses are fed up with the stress and cost that comes with tethering cables to their office walls. There’s no need to endure this hassle, when it’s so simple to install a small amount of additional hardware, enabling your entire organization to work on a network, and through an internet connection.

The benefits of a wireless network for a small business are plentiful. It’s a great deal simpler to install, and can be easily scaled-up, to accommodate additional users as required. Also, all staff, you included, will be able to stay hooked-up to the business network and internet, whilst mobile in the building. Simply take your laptop or tablet with you, and off you go. Importantly, you can also grant guests quick access to your internet connection.
  • Installation of a Basic Wireless Network - RescuTechs will install a secure wireless network. Your PCs, printers, and laptops will be hooked-up to the network
  • Repair of Wireless Networks – RescuTechs will diagnose and fix any network issues you have
  • Firewall Set-up for Wireless Networks – RescuTechs ensures your network stays safe, and blocks spam, viruses, hackers, malware, and spyware
  • Encryption – This will ensure you’re safe from neighbors and strangers gaining access to your data

Creation of a Strong and Dependable Wireless Network - Steps

  1. Select the best, top-quality wireless router. Your router is the key component in your wireless network. It’s not recommendable to purchase cheap routers.
  2. Establish whether you require WAPs (wireless access points). These stretch the range, and the power, of your network. It’s likely that you will need one, if you’re looking to push a powerful wireless signal to another floor in the building, through a large wall, or if your office floor has a width of 600 feet or more.
  3. Ensure that each of your PCs and devices is installed with an appropriate wireless adapter. These should be decent quality, and sit in line with your router spec. Your wireless adapters may work well with your new router, depending on your circumstances.
  4. Secure it. If your wireless network is set-up badly, it will be visible, and accessible, to, or even able to be hacked by, the general public.
A well designed wireless network keeps your staff online, and connected with one another. It allows them flexibility in that they can work on any internet-connected device or PC, and in any location within your premises.

Since we set out on this venture in 2006, RescuTechs has designed and setup thousands of wireless networks. You can rely on us for set-up of a powerful and reliable wireless network within your small business. RescuTechs can setup a new wireless network, or fix problems with your existing wireless network, in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt: the Quad Cities, AZ.

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