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RescuTechs offers home computer repair services throughout the Quad Cities area, including Prescott, Prescott Valley Chino Valley, & Dewey-Humboldt, AZ.  Schedule an onsite computer support call when it is convenient to you. We offer an iron-clad guarantee: We guarantee that we can fix your PC issue, or you won't pay a dime for that part of the service.  Call us now at (928) 499-3996

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If your computer fails, call RescuTechs. Don't make it worse!

When a computer fails, it can be very irritating. Our PCs are so vital to us these days, that people can feel very out of sorts when their computers aren’t working. We have a sense of being detached from our world when we’re unable to browse the web, or access our email inboxes. That’s without mentioning deadlines that we can miss, when our documents and files are out of reach!

What’s the use in carrying your PC across town, only to wait weeks to be able to drag it back home again? What happens if the PC issue stems from something it’s plugged into, like a mouse, printer, or external storage device? The local electronics store ‘geeks’ can’t aid you with this. RescuTechs, however, have certified computer specialists who will come to your PC, making it much simpler to identify the root cause of the issue, and give you the best outcome. This also allows us to provide assistance in ways you might not have foreseen, such as moving your screen to the optimum height, or image resolution. We can even update your external devices, such as scanners and printers, mouse, and so forth. We can establish file-sharing between your PCs. These, and lots of other things, are things that couldn’t be looked at, if you were to simply haul your PC tower into a store.

There’s little sense in all this hassle, when RescuTechs offer a convenient, professional PC support service, and come to you.

RescuTechs computer specialists tackle and overcome PC issues for PC users across the Quad Cities: Prescott, Prescott Valley Chino Valley, & Dewey-Humboldt, AZ. We’re aware of how these problems impact our clients. It’s our goal to offer a warm, tailored, service, minimizing your tech stress and getting you back working, or playing, pronto.

You’ll be allocated an old-hand, A+ Certified, computer whizz. They will diagnose your PC’s precise problems, plan the solution, and restore your computer to full working order.

Our Most Popular Home Computer Support Services:

  • Computer Set-Up
  • Spyware Removal and Protection, and Virus Removal
  • Wireless Security and Wireless Network Installation
  • Home Network Services for Personal Computing, Gaming, and Home Offices
  • Tune-up for PCs
  • On-site & Off-site Computer Backups
  • Printer Assistance
  • Problems with E-mail Access, and Web-browsing 

We Charge By the Hour--No "Flat Rate" Schemes or Worries

We don’t employ rushed, clock-watching, ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’, or flat-rate pricing. At your disposal, you will have veteran computer specialists, accurately solving the issue you face, and clearing up all your PC concerns. What’s more, most people tend to have a single laptop issue, or one question only. As a result, ‘flat-rates’ can mount up, and fast.

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We know our service is only as good as the technicians we send to you

RescuTechs can assure you that you’ll be dealing with some of the very best technicians in the IT field. Every single technician we employ is A+ Certified by The Computing Technology Industry Association, CompTIA, and has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in practical technical support and tech repair. What’s more, they’re all great people!

An Easy-going, Accomplished Professional

We know very well that PCs can be a pain. We’ve fixed them for years, and have committed countless hours to it. We know. Our specialists won't patronize you, or try to bamboozle you with technical jargon. Every service call is tailored to answer your precise requirements. RescuTechs does not sub-contract its work, meaning you’re assured of truly local support, from permanent staff at a locally-owned, and locally-operated firm. There are no mystery ‘geeks’ at RescuTechs.

We Love What We Do!

RescuTechs has grown organically, through referrals and returning customers. We always strive to over-deliver. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. We have no ambition to become the biggest in-situ PC support firm. Just the greatest!

Your home PC might be temperamental, defective, and sometimes just difficult. This is why RescuTechs provides the very best in home PC support, making sure your PC stays in line.

When PC crisis strikes, you have a computer concern, or perhaps a simple query, don’t stress; there is always a RescuTechs home computer support specialist on hand to help, every day of the year. Our A+ Certified home PC support specialists are gifted and resolute in their home PC support work, and are armed with the knowledge to provide you with a precise, fast, and faultless answer to any PC issue.

You can get help from one of our expert RescuTechs home computer support technicians, within the hour! Our fast and faultless home PC support can also be provided instantaneously, online, or on the telephone. Whichever type of support is best for you, our specialists will ensure you begin considering your PC as a superb tech tool, and not as a source of undue stress.  Simply give RescuTechs call at (928) 499-3996, for the speediest home computer support available.

An Iron-Clad Guarantee

RescuTechs promise that we will solve your tech issue, or you won't pay a dollar for that element of our work. Every time you call on us, you'll get home PC support that is fast and faultless. If ever your home PC is being disobedient, and you think you need some assistance, get in touch with RescuTechs for the very best in home computer support.

RescuTechs can meet all computer support requirements, fast and without fault. Whether it’s crisis management, or answering a straight-forward query, we’ve got it.

RescuTechs for Home PC Support and PC Repair. We are proud to cover the Quad Cities are, including Prescott, Prescott Valley Chino Valley, & Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

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