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Photo of a data recovery engineer working on the internal components of a hard disk drive.

RescuTechs offers data recovery in Chino Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, and throughout the Quad Cities. Our team of hard-drive data specialists can retrieve files from hard-drives, and also from other media, including USB drives, cameras, flash memory cards, CDs, DVDs, RAID arrays, tapes, and many more. Also, we can salvage data from every major manufacturer of hard-drive, be it internal or external. These include Seagate, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor, and Western Digital. Further services offered by RescuTechs include desktop PC data recovery, external hard-drive recovery, RAID data recovery, laptop PC data recovery, and file recovery. If you need rapid recovery of your data, get in touch with RescuTechs, on (928) 499-3996.

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We’ll Resurrect Your Data!

Your data is gone, and you need it back. We know just how valuable data can be. The concept of important business information, sentimental family footage and images, weeks or months-worth of hard work, or any vital information disappearing, can be highly stressful.

We’ve helped lots of people in your situation, by returning their vital data to them. It will be our pleasure to discuss your options with you.

  • Our experts have tens of years of experience in data recovery.
  • We offer a very quick turnaround, in most cases returning data to you in 3-5 days, with an emergency service available late at night, and during weekends.
  • Our success rate for data recovery is very good indeed, and covers all data loss types, including computer failure, file deletion, corruption of files, damaged hard-drives and PCs, hard-drive failure, malware, and force majeure events.
  • We cover all storage media options, including memory cards, RAID arrays, proprietary data storage systems and databases, laptop hard-drives, tapes, CDs and DVDs, iPods, MP3 players, and floppy discs.

All Devices. All Media.

  • Hard-drive Recovery
  • Laptop PC Recovery
  • CD or DVD Recovery
  • MP3 player Recovery
  • Desktop PC Recovery
  • Server Recovery
  • OS Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Mobile Device Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • and much more

Data Loss? Your Next Move is Vital

Shut your PC down immediately if you are experiencing strange noises from your hard-drive. These could include clicks, a loud whirring, or a grinding sound. They might be telling you that the read and write heads in your hard-drive are in contact with its platters. This will cause loss of data. Give a quick call to some respected hard-drive data recovery experts, such as RescuTechs, and get your important data back safely.

If you’re planning on doing it yourself, be wary. What might seem like a small attempt to get your data back, could easily result in permanent loss of data. It takes but a millisecond to over-write the data that you’re attempting to recover. This makes its recovery even more tricky, if not impossible. The first attempt at getting the data back is generally the most successful. Don’t attempt recovery of your data if your hard-drive is making any of the strange noises we previously mentioned.

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Every Form of Data Loss

Whether it’s straight-forward, or highly complicated, we deal with every data loss scenario, including malware, lost files, computer crashes, damaged hard-drives or PCs, force majeure events, hardware failure, corruption, and accidental data deletion. Our experience, know-how, and tools mean we’re well-equipped for fixing your data loss issues, rapidly.

Every Type of Data Storage System or Device

Whether it’s a hard-drive, or a RAID 5 system, a laptop or an MP3 player, RescuTechs can recover it. We also offer data recovery services for proprietary databases.

Every Form of Media

RAID arrays, PDAs, tapes, laptops, servers, MP3 devices, digital cameras, desktops, and more.

Speed and Ease Options for Data Recovery Services

We offer data recovery services conducted remotely, in a laboratory, or, we can visit you on-site where feasible. If it’s a rapid response you require, we have emergency call-out options available, ensuring you’re back working, or playing, pronto.

The Area We Cover for Data Recovery Services Includes:

  • Dewey-Humboldt
  • The Quad Cities
  • Prescott
  • Chino Valley
  • Prescott Valley
We tailor our hard-drive data recovery service, to provide a quick and comprehensive resolution for our clients’ specific requirements. We do this, regardless of whether the hard-drive is affected by data loss, liquids or contamination, a crash, inadvertent formatting, or corrupt files.

Generally speaking, data recovery is vital, and time is of the essence. If your organization, and your progression towards your objectives, cannot wait for a weaker solution, our recovery services for hard-drive failure offer the very best option for an effective resolution.

RescuTechs’ hard-drive recovery services offer the industry’s most comprehensive, and safe, solution. As it happens, our success in this field is broadly accepted as the best in the industry. This is thanks to thousands of successful recoveries, for hundreds of new and repeat clients. RescuTechs is home to the know-how, skill-set, and secure lab environment needed to safely recover data from hard-drives in any storage device, from any brand, any system, any interface, any model, and any configuration.

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Hard Drive Date Recovery - Two Forms

  1. Logical Hard-drive Recovery - Logical failure in a hard-drive can come about through corrupt data; virus infections, malicious software, and malware; software errors; lost partitions, or their accidental formatting; and accidental, or even deliberate, data deletion. Regardless of the circumstances, data that you can’t get to normally needs specialist tools and resources, used by the safe hands of an experienced data recovery technician.
  2. Physical Hard-drive Recovery - When a data storage-device has been physically damaged, it requires physical hard-drive recovery. This damage could have come about through direct or ongoing trauma, dodgy repair work, tampering, or some other circumstances. Generally, in these instances, the data is still safe on the drive itself, but can be very hard to access when it’s housed in a physically damaged device. To successfully effect these kind of recoveries, technical skills and cutting-edge equipment are required.

RescuTechs can conduct hard-drive data recovery, both logical and physical, on devices made by the following manufacturers:

  • Buffalo
  • Clickfree
  • Drobo
  • Fujitsu
  • G-Tech
  • Hitachi
  • HO
  • IBM
  • Iomega
  • LaCie
  • Maxtor
  • Quantum
  • Samsung
  • Seagate
  • SimpleTech
  • Synology
  • Toshiba
  • Transcend
  • Western Digital
No matter what type of hard-drive disaster you have, one of the key considerations during recovery of data from a hard-drive, is the safeguarding of the data itself. As such, we’ve created one of the most highly-protected environments, and most well-developed procedures available. These are specially constructed to offer total data protection and confidentiality. If you’ve suffered hard-drive failure, you’re somehow locked-out, or data has in any other way become inaccessible, please halt your use of the hard-drive, and give us a call.  RescuTechs offers data recovery service in Chino Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, and throughout the Quad Cities, AZ.

If you continue to use a hard-drive which is in some way damaged, not only could you make matters worse, you could also make recovery of your data even more complicated, or perhaps even impossible.

Our strong recommendation is that you back-up your information on a web-based storage site, such as Spider Oak, SugarSync, Mozy, or Carbonite.

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