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Computer Tune Up

Do you need a tune up for your computer? A computer tune up is similar to getting a tune up for your car. You don't want to wait till your car stops running before you have it checked. Think of your computer in the same way. If your computer isn't running as fast or just not working the way it did, a RescuTechs Onsite Computer Tune-Up Service can jumpstart your system. Our experienced technicians will breathe life into your old computer system making it faster, smoother, more reliable all the while extending its' lifespan.

This is no run of the mill, online tune up. With a RescuTechs Tune Up you get a veteran computer support professional right in front of your computer. This is the best way to manage all the specific issues that negatively affect your computer system and its performance.

Is it Tune Up Time?

The most common symptom of a computer in dire need of a tune up is that it will be s-l-o-w. Some other signs include: your computer is slow to start up, or freezes, programs will crash, browser errors or error messages, or your hard drive is working overtime.

If you've experienced any of these things, RescuTechs can help. We tailor our service for your software configuration and the unique issues we find on your computer system. The issues and resolutions that may occur are vast, so here are some of the tasks involved with a typical computer tune up.

Your computer tech will run scans for virus and malware, scan Windows and eliminate any Registry problems. They will optimize your operating system and applications for security and peformance to prevent any unecessary applications from running automatically in the background, or simply uninstall any unwanted applications such as add-ons, extensions or toolbars. We will install ad-blocking software and is some instances fine tune CPU and RAM settings to speed up browsing and improve overall performance. We will also clean any dust that has built up inside your computer, to keep your computer from over heating.

Once your tune up is finished, our friendly technicians will happily give you some pointers on software, or staying free of infections, and how to keep your system up and running for years to come.

Speed Up Your Computer

If you want to be fast and furious, upgrading your hardware will give your computer a performance boost. You can choose to add memory, or RAM, which would make a significant difference, or you could replace your conventional hard drive which has moving parts to a solid state drive or SSD which has no moving parts, making it lightning quick. Once you install a solid state drive, your computer's performance will be greatly enhanced, from start up time to opening files and programs.

RescuTechs is confident that if your computer isn't performing significantly better after an onsite tune up, your service call is free. For more details on on upgrading your hardware or ramping up your computer's performance call to speak with one of our certified technicians.

RescuTechs offer computer tune-ups to speed up your slow computer in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, the Quad Cities, AZ.

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