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RescuTechs is a locally owned and family operated computer support and repair service company. If you live or work in Prescott Valley, and you searched for, "computer repair near me", you've found the right place. Our Certified technicians come to your home or small business to offer their expertise in solving your computer problems. Every one of our computer support techs has at least ten years of of real world experience and are all A+ Certified by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. Our highly skilled technicians work efficiently to remedy your computer or network problems and answer any questions you may have.

Onsite Computer Support Services in Prescott Valley, AZ

When you call RescuTechs, you will always get a senior level computer repair and support technician at your door step ready to work for you. Our consultants are friendly and won't talk down to you or confuse you with tech talk. With service onsite you can take full advantage of your technician's knowledge. They will assess your entire computing environment so they can get to the root of the problem and resolve your computer issues quickly. If you drop your computer off at a shop they may tell you it can't be fixed because the issue may involve your printer, modem, or wiring. With RescuTechs you don't have to take your computer anywhere, or leave the comfort of your home.

We are a company grown on referrals and repeat business. We are eager to get your computer problems solved and all your questions answered. Our computer consultants are all A+ Certified by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), and (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, and all have at least ten years of in-the-field experience.

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Managed IT Services

RescuTechs is a highly experienced small business computer service company. We understand that your small business depends on your network, and our consultants are here to assess your technical needs and goals before we design and implement the best solutions tailored to your business. Our consultants will maximize productivity and reliability all while reducing down-time and problems with your network’s security.

At RescuTechs, we like to keep things simple. We will never make your IT infrastructure more complex or more expensive than it needs to be to achieve your business goals. Many businesses appreciate and have benefited from our straightforward approach. Our small business computer and network support services deliver ease of use, greater productivity, performance, and better IT security.

Remote access is crucial to most small businesses. Our small business computer support experts have the knowledge and ability to protect your valuable data and computer network while your staff utilize a secure and easy to use remote access system from any location.

RescuTechs offers 24/7 remote network monitoring so you can rest assured that your critical network components. We make certain your network is running smoothly and that your mission critical company data is safe and sound and completely recoverable after a catastrophic failure or event. Remote computer network monitoring gives you the peace of mind that minor issues will be detected early before they cost you time and money.

Your RescuTechs consultant will take action utilizing a disaster recovery program developed in advance. We will determine if you require immediate remote support or onsite computer and network tech support based on the specific device or service being monitored. RescuTechs partners with companies, like Sonicwall and Microsoft and Cisco to provide our computer consultants with the tools, training and support to provide our clients with exemplary service.

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Virus Removal

Viruses are everywhere, and thousands are coded weekly. Much of our work here at RescuTechs involves virus and malware infections and removal. How do you secure your computer properly, and keep it running smoothly? Simply call RescuTechs our certified technicians and they will completely rid your computer system of all infections, install up to date antivirus software, and show you exactly how to avoid viruses and malware infection going forward.

Viruses are continually being created and changed to be more of a threat. While we wouldn't claim to have seen it all, we have dealt with literally thousands of them. A less experienced computer virus removal technician without adequate skills or knowledge will likely spend hours attempting to rid your computer or network of a virus or malware. RescuTechs computer repair and support technicians have the training, experience and know how to eradicate the virus and take more intensive action when necessary, like data recovery and/or re-installing your operating system.

Types of Viruses

  • Boot Sector Virus - this virus places itself in the area of your boot drive that is use to power on your computer.
  • File Infector – This virus resides in your RAM (random access memory), it infects various programs, like exe, .com, etc.
  • Macro Virus - commonly seen in work/corporate environments (Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, etc.) it utilizes program code to infect data.
  • MBR Virus (Master Boot Record) - is similar to the Boot Sector Virus, but it resides in the Master Boot Record which stops your computer system from booting or entering your computer’s OS (operating system).
  • Multi-Partite Viruses - these viruses infect both the boot system and certain programs.
  • Trojan Viruses – Trojan Viruses do not replicate and they pose as harmless files from the web or your email but they could do damage or steal your data; online file sharing is a common source of infection.
  • Worm - these can replicate themselves without utilizing host files and can spread fast by releasing infected documents.

Data Recovery Services

RescuTechs provides data recovery from all types of devices such as hard drives, RAID systems, tape, CDs, DVDs, diskettes, zip disks, memory cards, and flash/thumb drives etc.

If you have lost access to a hard drive, do not try to recover the data yourself. The first attempt at data recovery is always the best. Simply power down your computer or drive. This will prevent any further damage to the drive and to your data, then call a reputable data recovery company like RescuTechs. In most cases your data can be recovered from defective or inaccessible storage devices.

Data loss is almost always preventable. Create then utilize a backup plan to safeguard important documents, videos and cherished photos. RescuTechs recommends the 3,2,1 method.

3 - Keep your data in 3 places
2 - 2 onsite
1 - 1 off site

One of the better ways to store data off site is by using these online backup services such as Carbonite, iDrive, Mozy or SugarSync, etc.

Rescutechs serves Prescott Valley, AZ and specializes in onsite computer support service and support, data recovery, network infrastructure, network security, laptop and desktop repair and tune-ups, small business computer support services, managed IT services, new computer set up, wireless network set up and support, support of various operating systems, and much more.

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