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RescuTechs is a family owned and operated business that was established in 2006.  We are a trusted computer repair and tech support service company. We have a team of dependable, dedicated and skilled professionals ready to serve you. Our company has grown from referrals and repeat customers because we provide A+ Certified computer support technicians and networking professionals.  All RescuTechs technicians are career professionals; A+ certified by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) and each has at least ten years of experience.

Onsite Computer Repair & Support Service in Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

At RescuTechs, our technicians always come to you.  You don't have to unplug your computer and haul it into a store and you never have to worry about leaving it somewhere in the hands of a stranger.  It may be that your problem is not just with the computer box, but with your printer or router.  With service onsite our skilled professionals come to your home or business and can assess your entire computing environment with all your devices to get to the root of the problem and on to the solution quickly.

Imagine having a knowledgeable and friendly computer repair expert onsite, at your disposal.  Not only will they fix your computer issues, but they will answer any questions you have and can also give you tips on how to keep your computer running smoothly.  There are some things that just can't be done when you take your computer in to a shop.  With an in home visit, the attention to detail can make a huge difference in your computing experience such as, adjusting the height of your monitor, or adjusting the image quality, updating drivers for your mouse, printer or scanner and more.

We guarantee that if our techs cannot fix the original problem you called about we will not charge you for that part of the service.  If our technician offers a solution and you refuse it, the service call will apply as agreed to.

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Managed IT Services

RescuTechs knows that your IT infrastructure is essential to the daily operation of your business as well as the long term growth of your business.  Technology issues can be irritating or bring your business to a standstill.  Let RescuTechs handle your technological problems so you can focus on your business and your customers.  We provide only the most experienced and skilled technicians.  All of our computer professionals are MCSR - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, and all have a minimum of ten years of experience in networking services and support. 

Our IT experts excel in network design and installation. We can consult with you to design, then implement your secure wired and wireless local area networks, wide area networks and secure virtual private network.  In addition, we provide updates and maintenance for many different computing platforms and operating systems.

RescuTechs IT consultants are small business computer service experts with the skills, experience and expertise to fully and efficiently secure and optimize your company's IT infrastructure.

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Most Popular Computer Support Services in Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

Virus Removal

When your computer "just isn't acting right".  If your system is running slow, or your Internet Explorer or Chrome browser is acting strange, or you get annoying pop-ups everywhere, your computer may be infected with malware or a virus.  Our virus removal experts spend the majority of their day saving their client's computer from virus and malware infections.  They can identify the malware or virus that is causing the problem, remove it, and then update and optimize your system for security.  In most instances they will get you up and running in about an hour.  Our friendly techs will also devote time to instructing you on how to avoid future malware problems.

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

The idea of losing cherished data, photos and videos can send you into a panic wondering if you will ever see those files again.  Our data recovery professionals are here to help.  If you believe your data is lost, the first step is to turn off your computer or the device in question and call a RescuTechs data recovery expert.  Do not attempt to salvage it yourself or you risk losing those precious photos and documents forever.  If your drive is failing, we will require what life there is left in the hard drive to effectively recover your data.  We have an outstanding rate of recovery and can retrieve data from most types of media including CDs, DVDs, conventional hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, tape, RAID arrays, SSD or Solid State Drive, etc.

New Computer Setup Service

Once you get that new computer in your home or office let RescuTechs take it from there.  You don't even have to take it out of the box if you don't want to.  A RescuTechs professional will take down your old computer system, unbox the new system and set it up just as you like it.  Your tech will install and configure your preferred programs/apps, download and optimize popular Internet browsers, like Internet Explorer and Chrome, connect all devices to your network, clean and migrate your valuable data, organize the many wires, configure your new PC for performance and security.  Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

Wireless Network Setup

You can’t beat the convenience of a wireless network, but it can also be a source of aggravation when it doesn’t work right, especially for most users trying to configure a new wireless network for the first time.  RescuTechs technicians have set up literally hundreds of wireless networks for our customers, so let them solve your networking issues.  You can rely on them to set up a fast, reliable wireless network in your home or at your business.

Computer Tune-Up

If your computer is sluggish or unresponsive a RescuTechs computer technician can help get things running smoother and faster.  Most of the time, it will take less than one hour to breathe new life into your computer system.

We Charge by the Hour

Imagine having an experienced computer repair professional at your disposal.  They will fix any computer related issue you may have, set up your new computer to your specific needs, or they can answer any questions you may have.  With a RescuTechs expert you won't get a nerd or geek rushing you to get to their next "flat rate" job; you will get a career industry expert beside you solving your computer problems accurately and efficiently.  Besides, not many of us have just one computer problem or questions, and those "flat rates" can add up fast. 

RescuTechs has been repairing and solving computer problems since 2006.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Trust RescuTechs to bring exemplary computer support and serivce to your home or business.

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