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RescuTechs is a locally operated and owned computer repair and support company providing superior onsite computer support and repair service in Chino Valley, AZ.  If you live or work in Chino Valley, and you searched for, "computer repair near me", you've found the right place. We are a company grown on customer referrals and repeat business because we are dedicated to giving our customers exemplary service.  Every technician at RescuTechs is certified by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association).

Onsite Computer Repair and Support in Chino Valley, AZ

RescuTechs offers onsite support and service for your business or in home at your convenience.  With an onsite service call your certified computer technician will determine the cause of your computer problem fast.  There is no need to take your computer to a computer store only to find that the problem was due to a bad connection or cable, because when our tech support experts arrive they can examine your entire computer system and peripherals to assess the problem, then plot the best course of action. There are issues that are best solved onsite in, such as adjusting the height of your monitor or keyboard, or updating drivers for your mouse, scanning device or printers; all this and more right in the comfort of your workplace or home.

Our computer consultants can help with any problem you are experiencing with your computer or peripherals. Our popular services include new computer set up, computer tune up, spyware and virus removal, onsite and offsite data backup, hard disk drive data recovery, home networks or home office, wireless security and network installation, and even printer, email and problems with Internet browsers.

Managed IT Services

Computer problems happen all the time, but when they occur at your small business, they can be minor, to irritating, to completely shutting down your business.  Don't spend your time attending to computer or network issues when you could be running your business.  Our Small Business IT consultants are all MCSE Certified and have over ten years of experience to make sure that all of that wonderful technology serves you and not the other way around.

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Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Call RescuTechs if you have lost access to your hard drive and need to recover your data.  Recovering data from an inaccessible or defective storage device is a delicate matter.  Always power down your computer or drive to prevent any further damage and call a reputable company like RescuTechs.  We can recover data from many different kinds of devices including, hard drives, RAID systems, CD, DVD, Tape, Diskettes, Zip Disks, flash or thumb drives, memory cards and more.

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Virus Removal

Computer running slow? Getting lots of annoying popups? What about your Internet browser?  Is it behaving strangely, not letting you go to the web pages that you want to visit, or taking you to an altogether different website?  These are just a few signs that your computer may have a virus in your computer system.  You may have multiple viruses infecting your system, but our virus removal service can provide a remedy and get your computer running smoothly again.  They can identify which malware or virus is causing issues and remove it, then update your virus and anti-malware software, and configure and optimize your operating system for security.  Our technicians will also take the time to show you how you can avoid future infections.

New Computer Setup Service

Let the computer support professionals at RescuTechs set up your new computer for you.  We will unbox your new system, tear down the old system, then set up and position your new computer wherever you like.  Our computer experts will make sure everything is turned on and up and running.  We will take care of any software you want on it, download and optimize several popular Internet browsers, connect your new computer to your network, connect and configure all peripherals, clean and migrate all of your valuable data, configure your new system for optimum security and performance, and answers any questions you may have about how to operate it.  It couldn't be simpler for you.  Just let our expert techs do all of the work.

Wireless Network Setup

Wireless networks can be a great convenience, but sometimes they just don't work properly.  Installing and configuring a wireless computer network can be a difficult thing for the average user.  We have resolved countless wireless networking issues, so let our expert computer repair and support techs help you. Call on us to setup a dependable and blazing-fast wireless network for your home or small business.

At your business or in home, the RescuTechs difference is our technicians.  All of our techs are skilled and trained certified careers computer experts with a minimum of ten years of experience.  This means that you get the highest level of computer expert working for you and on your computer, and right in your Chino Valley home or at small business location.

We work diligently to exceed your expectations by providing you with skilled professionals and efficient personalized service tailored to your needs.  We rely on your satisfaction and confidence in our service.  At RescuTechs we guarantee that we will fix your technological problem or there is no charge for our service.

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