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Computer and network issues affect a small business's productivity and its bottom line. Time spent on an IT issue is time that could be spent running your business.  RescuTechs provide local onsite small business computer services, and managed IT support services supported by some of the best talent and experience in the computer support industry.  You can rely on RescuTechs for a complete range of services for your small business, including Network Support, managed IT services, IT Outsourcing and general computer Support.  You will be assigned a committed and skilled RescuTechs computer technician, who will work with you and a small number of other customers. Your IT support technician will set up a consultation, and offer an IT audit, and an introduction to the services we offer to small businesses.

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RescuTechs Unlimited - Managed Services Provider

RescuTechs Unlimited - Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

As technology becomes more and more important to small business, owners and management have difficulty keeping their increasingly complex IT systems operating properly. Many are using untrained staff to put band-aids on an ever-growing number of IT problems. Often, their employees come to work every day knowing that they will spend time 'getting around' tech issues, or waste time waiting for their sluggish computers and networks. These owners and managers cross their fingers and hope that things will keep on running.

This is a dangerous way to operate your business. We have seen the resulting high-tech carnage and high costs associated with this reckless approach.  And the price for this approach just gets higher and higher with every passing year.

You don't have to run your business this way. You don't have to carry the worry about IT failures. You don't have to worry about costly downtime. Your employees don't have to live with slow computers and annoying IT problems.

Imagine having your IT systems set up and managed by senior-level IT engineers. Imagine no more IT worries. Imagine having our career IT support pros at your service 24/7/365.

With RescuTechs Unlimited, you get the benefits of a 'full-time' IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Our IT consultants not only help you when things go wrong, they can help you benefit from technology in amazing ways.

The Highlights of RescuTechs Unlimited Managed IT Services:

  • Unlimited Remote and Phone Support – Support from us for any technical issue, question or concern you might run into, no matter how small the issue or simple is the question.  Get help with anything you need, any time you need it.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Management – The health of every server and workstation in your company will be monitored in real-time, from your operating system and software, right down to the major hardware components, i.e., processor, RAM, hard drive, etc.  Chances are, we will know about a problem before you do.  We can solve many problems without disturbing you, or remoting-in to your computer.
  • Centrally Managed Antivirus System  – With centralized antivirus management, we are watching for malicious software 24/7/365.  If one of your machines becomes infected, we will be notified, and we will respond to the threat immediately.
  • Centrally Managed, Unlimited Data Backups – Your online/offsite backup system is centrally managed as well.  If your backups fail, or fail verification, we are notified and can address the issue.  Full system backups (Disaster Recovery) create an image of your entire hard drive for quick recovery after a catastrophic software or hardware failure.  Full system backups can save money and downtime should a hard drive crash, or some other catastrophe occur.
  • Send a Support Request from Your Desktop – Whenever you have a question, or need tech support, just click our icon in your system tray, describe the issue, set a priority level, and submit the Support Request.  We receive it across all our devices immediately, and will respond quickly, usually in one hour or less.
  • 50% Off All Onsite Services – When necessary, onsite service will now be billed at 50% of our regular rate.
And these are just the highlights! It's a great service, and it's far more affordable nowadays than you might think. Call us to schedule a free IT Audit and proposal for RescuTechs Unlimited at: (928) 499-3996.

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Network / IT Security for Small Business

It’s a situation we all want to avoid: sensitive customer data, or employee information, being compromised.  To prevent this, we can integrate a safe network plan when setting up your new network, or can enhance the security on an existing one.

You can limit employee activities that have an adverse effect on productivity, using a RescuTechs Network Security Program. This works by filtering internet content, and banning chat tools, for example.

Disaster Recovery and Back-ups

Do you ever wonder how organizations can regain access to their data if they get hacked, or after a disaster? The solution is back-ups, and disaster recovery. This is a process which moves information from its primary store, and backs it up, either on-site, or using a safe off-site server. Software is used to replicate information to a second location, whilst keeping information that is stored on-site protected, too.

With disaster recovery and back-up processes, you can be guaranteed that your vital information will be secure and accessible, regardless of what might happen. Even if disasters do happen, you know your data will be accessible to you within moments. You won’t have to wait days, or weeks, to get it back. This means you can continue, on schedule, to provide services, or deliver your products, to your customers.

Using RescuTechs’ disaster recovery and back-up services, you’ll have flexible access to your business’ vital information, as and when you require it. We guarantee the accessibility of your data using things like live recovery, virtual standby, and specialist encryption and security. We can get the wheels in motion in just a few minutes, and have set-up tools tailored to your requirements. Our large, scalable, storage means you can easily grow or reduce your storage, in accordance with the growth of your business.

Disaster recovery and back-up procedures also provide an improved understanding of IT inventories and facilitate improved asset management. This is because you will be aware of the kit you possess, and which tech is surplus to requirements. With comprehensive documents as part of your processes, you’ll have a very good grasp of the way your network operates, helping you to rapidly fix problems as they arise. Furthermore, disaster recovery and back-up guarantees task redundancy. This means you can be assured that a minimum of two people can work on one job, meaning you’re protected in an emergency, and optimizing your operational workflow.

RescuTechs IT Support and Network Support Services for Small business:

  • Laptop, Desktop, and Server Support and Sales
  • Company Network Management and Consulting
  • In-situ Network Assistance
  • Hardware / Software Support and Sales
  • 60-minute Response Time Offered

IT / Network Security for Small business:

  • Data Recovery and Back-up Solutions
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Management of Internet Access and Filtering of Content
  • Disaster Recovery Plans and Redundancy Plans
  • End-to-end Encryption of Crucial Information
  • Removal and Protection of Malware, Spam, and Viruses
  • Safe Off-site Access, Firewalls, and Encryption
The requirement for professional IT support can be a complicated issue for anyone running a business.Locating a qualified specialist who can be of assistance, at the very moment you need them, can be a stressful task. The best solution for any small business, dependent on its technology, is having a specialist on-hand to help, available to respond immediately, as and when you require them.

If you hook up with RescuTechs’ support team, you’ll be free to concentrate on your central commercial operations, and leave us to concentrate on repair and maintenance of your networks, PCs, and devices. What’s more, we can offer telephone tech support to your staff. And, you’ll be prioritized for a same-day response, no matter what the problem.

Our key aim is to maximize your business up-time, avoid down-time, and reduce repair costs as much as possible. Our overarching aim is to guard your IT systems, so they never fail you. Our IT support is structured in such a way that we can overcome technical hurdles, before they create large disruption to your business.

Also, we can safely back-up your data off-site, so your business and its staff have a back-up if ever you lose data. RescuTechs’ automatic back-up services allow you to concentrate on your operations, and sleep easy. If ever you have a crisis, you know you’ll be in a position to regain your crucial commercial information, documents, correspondence, and records.

Technical Support Programs

Basic IT Support
  • We’ll arrange a meeting, to discuss your actual use, and future requirements for your IT systems
  • Where possible, maintenance for computer hard disks will all be automated
  • We’ll record the set-up of your networks, data storage and back-up systems. As appropriate, we will tell you what we recommend
  • If necessary, we’ll recommend suitable upgrades, based on use of the hardware
  • As needed, we’ll interrogate systems for security flaws, and tell you what we recommend
  • Based on your needs, we’ll record software information, and tell you what we recommend
Comprehensive IT Support
  • Guaranteeing no errors reported by end-users
  • Technical support hotline
  • Advancement of essential operations system patches or files
  • Physical cleaning of the interior and exterior of computer systems
  • Investigation of error logs for server operating system
  • Anti-virus definition upgrades and examination of back-up procedures
  • Assessment of the reliability of back-up systems
  • Protection of PC networks through internet security

Free IT Audit

RescuTechs offers a no-obligation IT Audit, covering your entire IT set-up. We will examine your systems and talk to you about your IT ambitions. Next, we use our expertise to offer recommendations on things to change, or new systems you might bring in, to match your specific commercial requirements.

Get in touch with our team at: (928) 499-3996 if you’re located in Prescott Valley, Quad Cities, Dewey-Humboldt, Prescott, or Chino Valley.

RescuTechs offers assured access to your required skillset and know-how. Managed IT services can significantly lessen the threat of unforeseen IT down-time. Down-time can come at great cost to a business.

A further advantage of engaging a managed service provider is the removal of unforeseen down-time, owing to periodic maintenance, and identification of issues before they lead to system failure. When crisis strikes, and you have a virus or a crashed PC, we apply our specialist knowledge, and put processes in motion, to get your business IT systems back to full health as quickly as possible.

For answers to your queries regarding our small business IT support, please get in contact us, or call us at (928) 499-3996.

RescuTechs offers small business IT support services across Dewey-Humboldt, Prescott, Quad Cities, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley.

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